Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Final Journal Update

So this year we do journals everyday for the first couple of minutes of class to practice writing skills. They range from questions about life situations or short fictional story write ups. I've been very consistent with these up until this semester when I started doing them on sheets of paper instead of a notebook and placing them in the bin every week. I know it looks like I haven't done any work but you can take my word that they have been done but can't be found. If you look back at all the work done throughout the year, I've gotten my work done, on time, with quality. Sorry for the inconvenience of all the missing journals but I know for a fact that I got them done because there's no way I just sat in class not doing anything all semester because my work can show I'm not that kind of student.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Masterpiece Showcase Essay

It's been a long year but a good learning experience. I've been in this class for two years and it has really changed how I've learned. I took this class for my writing to get better and I feel like it really has made a change for me. I have more of a creative writing process now and my thoughts seem to flow better. It's been a great time learning to collaborate with others and finding what I want to do as a career and I'm not going to be putting that to action after high school.

I feel that the students in this class at first were shy about the whole idea of working together away from a structured class. It took a bit of time but it felt like we all had to honor the idea that we were going to trust that everyone was going to do what they said would be done. Although sometimes that didn't work out, at one point or another we all came through and especially on our master piece projects.

This masterpiece project finally helped me pin point what I wanted to do in life and that was be an athletic engineer. At first it was tough because I wanted to be an electrical engineer but knew so little about it and also wanted to be a physical therapist so I was really in a tough spot. Now I know what I want and I'm ready to pursue it by taking classes in my next steps in school that really start to direct me that way. I'm not sure if my career choice would require me to take design courses to but I will continue my research on that. 

I know some of the funniest moments for me were the exchanges between Preston and the students when it came to a debate. I think the way things were said was just funny to me because it almost seemed like sophisticated smack talking.

The common point I saw in the presentations was that they didn't even seem like careers the was the presenters talked about them but more like hobbies. I'm sure that was the point of this masterpiece but you could here it in a persons voice and their presentation when they really felt it was no work at all. For instance, Ricky Cortez gave his presentation on welding. He seemed like he could go on forever talking about his career and the things he made in his garage just like how Chance Miranda talks about baseball ending for him and how he wants a career in baseball even if it's not as a player. It just goes on on how each presentation made the person happy talking about it like Carlos explaining the life style and determination it takes to be a boxer, and the architecture group wanting to find the most comfortable, fun, relaxing classroom setting possible. Each of these presenters went above and beyond because when they were told time was up, they were upset because they wanted more out of it.

I wouldn't say I'm a hero but I can say I'm proud of myself for digging into my career path deeper then I thought I would in high school. Thanks to Preston, I found what I truly wanted to do. I have still yet to find a mentor in my field so I learned everything on my own but in the future I want to reach out to a professional in my field.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Masterpiece plans

So my masterpiece focuses on technology in the field of sports and other physical activity and how it helps. For my presentation I'm going to get equipment in the world of sports that protect us, heal us, and develop us. With the equipment I plan to explain how the technology was created, what it is used for, and when and where to apply it. These device are going to be things I've used personally and that other athletes will be familiar with as well because they've used them at some point.

Beginnings 2

So I've really liking this creative writing stuff we are doing in class. I feel like these short intros have a burst of unlimited creativity and I think this is what I'm very good at with writing. I feel I need someone or something to spark the idea and from there I can write a full story. Creative writing is more my style versus just facts and pursausive writing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Masterpiece interviews

Xavier Navarro
1. I am working on making my own street wear clothing brand and getting my ideas out to the world. 
2. I'm doing it because I am really into the street wear culture and I need money to buy everything I like and eventually collaborate and make stuff I like with the brands that I love.
3. My work is significant because people are walking billboards and they will help me get my ideas out there and let other people see what's in my head 
4. The work will help me meet new people and connect with everyone in the world
5. It surprises me how many people like what I like and how many people want to help me get far in this business 
6. To successfully finish my project I will need to have a finished product ready to sell and ready to wear 
7. I've learned to just follow what you like and you can make an impact by just putting stuff out there 

Summer Morgan 
1. Im working on putting all of my research and ideas together into one final masterpiece project 
2. Im working on this because its times to put that work that i have completed over the course of the semester into the actual real masterpiece 
3. The significance of this project in my life/future career is that it has helped me realize what i want to do and what i need to do in order to be successful
4. This work is helping me outside of school because it has helped create a balance in my life
5. Not anything in particular has necessarily surprised me in my work so far
6. I think that i need a more clear idea of how my masterpiece and how i want it to turn out to be successful in my presentation 
7. I have learned that with too much work or too much fun, you will never feel totally content with your life, it requires a balance 

Tiana mcmann

1. I am working on a masterpiece project of traveling, mixed with adventuring, also mixed with "doing cool things". With all this I will create an amazing video full of awesome things I have done.
2. I want to experience as much as a can that life has to offer and really live life to the fullest. 
3. In life, I can take so much from these experiences. Traveling and trying new things is such an enlightening experience that I can carry on forever.
4. Outside of school, I know I will be a much happier person and much more well rounded! I will be able to engage in many conversations and provide input based on my personal encounters.
5. I haven't really been surprised yet, but I will await the day!
6. I need my GoPro camera to come in the mail already so I can start filming all these cool things I do. With that camera filming my awesome times, I will make one amazing video full of highlights to present how I have made my project come alive.
7. I have truly learned that life is short and that we really need to take advantage of life's opportunities. Talk to new people because you never know where that conversation may lead. Mine led me to a trip to Italy, and now to Belgium. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Our discussion showed me that the possibilities for our project are endless. I've been having a hard time trying to decide how I should go about presenting my idea and after talking to a couple people I think I got a pretty good idea of what to do. I'm planning on bringing in a couple pieces of physical therapy equipment and just giving a run down on what they do, how the design is effective for that purpose, and how it is used.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Resource of the day: What to look for in sprinter spikes

For the last 8 years I've been running track and field as a sprinter and occasionally a jumper. One of the most important aspects of equipment in track is your running spikes. So as a sprinter, I look for certain qualities in each spike because it's important to make sure what ever you're wearing is best suited for you when in a full sprint. There are many different designs and shapes of track spikes that are for different event types, foot shapes, etc. Sprinter spikes all have a very curved plastic plate on the bottom with removable metal spikes that force the sprinter to run on there toes. In the years I've done track I've found Adidas and Asics to be the best fitting brands for me but there are other brands out there like Nike and Puma that have different designs. They are wider fits for me and have some of the lightest spikes out there. In my opinion, the Adidas Sprintstar 4's and the Asics Japan lite-ning 4's are among the best track spikes you can possibly get due to the amazing quality you get for such a low price. If you are new to buying tack spikes here's a good link to get you started on what to look for.